Friday, August 26, 2011

Success Tips - Reading Your Way to Riches

Yesterday, I used the Gautrain, (the rapid rail link now connecting Pretoria with Johannesburg) for the first time.  It was a great experience, it allowed me to listen to an audio book while commuting to Sandton. It was much nicer than being stuck, in traffic, on the often congested Gauteng freeways. I am very proud at such a world-class system South Africa has implemented.  

However, I am not used to traveling on such fast trains in South Africa. I must admit that I was slightly nervous at the idea of traveling at 160 km's an hour. I also experienced slight motion sickness when we pulled out of the station. Fortunately, it was very brief, and the commute back was wonderful, by that time I was used to it and I enjoyed it very much. 

While feeling a little green, I was listening to a book by Richard Cordock called the Millionaire Upgrade. The narrator, in all his wisdom, told me that to be successful we have to continually move outside of our comfort zones; ironic, isn't it? Especially while fighting nausea.

I got the point. In essence, to be successful we have to keep growing, keep facing our fears, keep challenging our comfort zones, keep developing, and keep doing the work that's needed to attain success. 

Yaro Starak, a very successful internet entrepreneur and internet marketer I actually admire, shares part of his entrepreneurial journey with us (worth the read).  In essence Yaro emphasizes that we have to keep pursuing our dreams, challenge our own comfort zones, and accept that entering the unknown will be uncomfortable. We have to live with ambiguity on the road to success. Sometimes we have to face the nausea.  

That brings me to the importance of reading. In the Millionaire Upgrade Cordock suggests that reading is an important way to stretch our minds, and I have to agree.   

Reading helps us to overcome mental apathy and stagnation. Reading programs our mind with options which may not have existed before. If you read, you expand your horizons, your opportunities, and possibilities.  Reading shapes one's mindset and to be successful one has to cultivate a wealth mindset.   

Some of the most interesting and successful people I know are all readers. Reading is crucial for a successful life.    

That being said, if you are looking for some cool books to read on the journey to personal success and achievement, you may want to check out our list of recommended books on amazon:

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Another very cool website is Sinead Duffy's Great Minds website which lists comprehensive reading lists on a number of topics including books on success, personal development, and wealth building.

Cool, so developing a love for reading is a cornerstone of a successful life. But, what should we be reading? That is a topic on its own.  Something to consider that helped me a lot is Napoleon Hill's ideas on specialized knowledge.  

I am also very interested to hear which books you may have read that inspired and challenged you.  Please share that with us by commenting below. I am looking forward to your comments.  

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