Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The celebration of diversity and inclusivity – ILP’s holistic approach to dealing with these challenges

Hi there! Let us continue our journey of discovery within which we consider some of the challenges towards attaining wholeness.

According to Hansen, Integrative Life Planning (ILP) offers a model which provides a space within which newly gained insight about “career and organisational development, gender roles, multi-culturalism and diversity, and social and personal change into a unified framework for practice” can be harnessed.

The ILP model’s focus on diversity and inclusivity are described as unique discussion points in terms of areas existing career and personal development models. As you can imagine, the linear models of career counselling, which were discussed before, are in no way capable of providing practitioners with a sufficiently fluid model, which celebrates difference as well as sameness.

ILP is further described as an approach, which can be applied to both the career professional rendering a developmentally-related service, as well as his or her clients. This is also a fresh new approach, since previous models were known to emphasise the expert role of the career professional. By providing a framework within which self-reflection can take place, ILP is not just offering lip-service to the notion of diversity and inclusivity – it is allowing the client and the professional space to encounter themselves and to encounter others. By so doing, both participants are enabled to assess whether their skills, knowledge, and attitudes, are geared towards adding value, or towards creating further division.

Hansen also states that the ILP model offers an alternative to those individuals, who have managed to master Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and who need to move or be moved beyond.

Let us take a minute to consider the importance of being able to celebrate difference as well as sameness by examining three recent examples:

· The recent spate of riots and violence in the United Kingdom serves as a clear indication that there seems to be an over-emphasis on difference. Diversity is not celebrated, but is used by all involved – rioters and police and everyone else perpetuating the situation – to create further division.

· The horrific incident in Norway where Anders Behring Breivik shot and killed 76 individuals whom he regarded as different. How could this situation have been avoided if there were a celebration of diversity and inclusivity?

· The last example I want to introduce, is the killing of dolphins on the Cove in Taiji, Japan. Video footage on the event has shocked the world, and has led to an outrage amongst Western nations. If there were a greater appreciation of diversity and inclusivity, a better solution for all stakeholders would have been possible. Instead of identifying a strategy aimed at addressing the fears of all, the main emphasis was placed on difference!

I think the above examples speak for themselves! ILP offers an approach, which celebrates difference or diversity, as well as sameness or inclusivity. In postings to follow, we will continue discussing the value the ILP approach can add to the world of career planning, but also on other levels.

Please let me know your thoughts on the issue – feel free to write comments and let us get a discussion going!

See you next time!

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