Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Success through a MASTERMIND GROUP Part 11

(Robert Kiyosaki)

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is ONE, 
and they have all ONE language; 
and this they begin to do: 
and now NOTHING will be restrained from them, 
which they have IMAGINED to do.
(Genesis 11 Verse 6, American King James Version) 

There is a definite energy available in the UNITY of minds bound by passion, faith and purpose.  History is full of examples of small minorities overcoming much larger forces through unity, faith, and passion.

Napoleon Hill tells is in Chapter 10 of Think and Grow Rich, about the power of the Mastermind Group. 

Hill defines the Mastermind as: 
the "Coordination of knowledge, and effort, in a spirit of HARMONY, between two of more people, [toward] the attainment of a definite purpose"

I think it is safe to say that great power is available to a group of people who acts in unity and harmony.

Unity is a force; a force that serves to focus the efforts of like minded people.  Acting in unity two horses can pull a much heavier load than only one could pull working on its own. Some call this tendency synergy. HIll tells us that human minds connected through a unifying purpose is very powerful.  

Minds working together in harmony, seem to create a 'whole that is more than the sum of the parts'.  The exact technicalities of my previous statement is debatable.  But if you have ever been a member of a truly energized team, you will agree that something incredible happens in such teams.

Hill metaphorically relates the human mind with a battery.  The more batteries you have in series, the more energy is produced.  The same appears to happen with human minds in a team setting.  I love teams for that reason. 

In all probability, the cultivation of wealth is not possible without employing the mastermind principle to some degree.  In a previous post concerning the application of specialized knowledge we also touched on the importance of a mastermind group.  Being part of such a team is indeed a privilege.    

I often see people living from a 'takers' perspective.  Seeing how much they can secure for themselves at the expense of others. Sorry guys, but I have to say that I have often experienced this among white South Africans.  Being only a 'taker' opens the door for the poverty mentality, in my opinion.  

Steven Covey describes the poverty mentality as the expectation that only limited resources are available to all.

I am convinced such an approach and mentality will not work in a mastermind team. The poverty mentality makes one a 'taker', thereby excluding the possibility of creating and contributing (in what ever capacity). Creating wealth is normally a central aim of a mastermind group.  Note the word CREATE not take.  

Hill's books has challenged me much on my own perspective.  In the past when I thought about truly successful people, the picture of a 'boardroom zealot' bashing on his subjects while climbing on the backs of defeated foes to get to the top, came to mind. 

Hill describes a mastermind team as working together in HARMONY, sharing a vision and a passion, fully energized and looking out for each other's interest.  Creating and sharing in wealth together. Without that perspective deep coordination of effort and knowledge is not possible at all.  

In closing I am leaving three questions that really challenged me; 

1. Am I the type of person that will fit well into a mastermind group? Do I have the right perspective and qualities? 
2. Which qualities do I have to cultivate in order to fit into a mastermind group?
3. Which areas do I have to change? 
4. If I am to lead a mastermind group, who should I invite to join the group? Why should they join?


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