Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creative imagination and the sixth sense - Part 14

I have studied psychology for many years, only to realize that the human mind defies explanation.  The mind is much more complex and intricate than we imagine. Scientist are doing their best to hack the human mind, but it remains mostly elusive and unexplainable. 

Disclaimer: this is a difficult chapter, and I am not exactly sure how to translate the ideas into a post.  I will do my best to shape a picture of Hill's ideas.  

Napoleon Hill writes in Think and Grow Rich about one such unexplainable occurrence of the human mind; something we call 'the sixth sense' or intuition. Hill also calls this the creative imagination.  Most of us recognize times when we received solutions, insight and even unexplained knowledge through experiences of hunches and inspiration.       

I like to think of it as 'flashes of brilliance'.  When you intuitively know something that is later validated ... when something suddenly dawns on you such as a solution to a problem, a warning that is proven accurate, or a 'feeling' that you have to do something.  Sometimes, we just know something about a situation when we have no logical way of knowing it.  

Many people, especially women, know intuitively when someone is looking at them, even with their backs to the onlooker. I often experience this myself.  This is a simple example of intuition in action and it is hard to explain. 

Yet, how this works is highly debatable. It may be that the mind processes information on a very deep level and suddenly provides us with insight.  It may also be that the human mind has the ability to link into spiritual sources of insight and knowledge, I like to believe that latter.  

Napoleon Hill thinks of the sixth sense as an 'open door to the temple of wisdom'. I have heard many people make statements such as 'trust your gut' or 'listen to your heart', meaning one should trust your intuition.

Hill suggests that it is possible to develop your sixth sense and intuition to a higher level of functioning.  

The sixth sense does appear to improve with practice. A simple method we may consider using to reinforce our intuition is to validate it every time it does something for us. 

For example, the next time you experience your 'sixth sense' or intuition in action flashing you unexplained insight, mentally focus on the experience, pat yourself on the shoulder (literally!), and quietly tell  yourself "well done!". That should help to reinforce that part of your mind.    

The sixth sense occupies a special place in Hill's philosophy for wealth accumulation. Hill tells us that the sixth sense coupled with the previously discussed principles of his philosophy (desire, persistence,  faith,  self-suggestion, specialized knowledge, imagination, organized planning, definite decision, the mastermind, mind stimulation, unconscious mind...)  should enable us to become aware of opportunities and to preempt dangers.    

Hill argues that the sixth sense is a source of knowledge and will help us to accumulate wealth.  It is an interesting thought. One that really distresses the scientist portion of my personality.  Yet, personal experience told me to listen to it.                

That concludes this posting.  I am looking forward to your ideas on insight on the topic. 

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  1. Excellent! Simply love the fact that not all can be explained! Let us rather accept and cherish this wonderful Gift!


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