Monday, June 27, 2011

Wealth accumulation and definite decisions Part 9

(Napoleon Hill)

If you were to drive along one of the main roads in my neighborhood you would see a well equipped private ambulance service located next to the road. 

This ambulance service provides a valuable emergency medial service to our community. They have various well equipped ambulances. Their emergency response personnel are well trained. at this stage,  they employ over 50 people. They also contribute to our country through the taxes they pay to our government.  Since their opening, they have taught many people the skills needed to save lives through their training division.  

I know the management of this service very well, we are friends.  They are all people who worked for a salary a couple of years back. This valuable business, in our community, was built from the  ground up.  The owners had not acquired the service from other people, they also started with VERY LITTLE MONEY.  All they had was high hopes, faith, and a DECISION to do it.  

This post is about DECISIONS. Napoleon Hill tells us in Chapter 8 of Think and Grow Rich that successful people are those who have learnt the habit of REACHING DECISIONS QUICKLY, and changing their decisions SLOWLY.      

In order to become successful, we need to cultivate the ability to make informed decisions quickly.  I know from experience that if you aren't able to make your own decisions, others will decide for you.  My friends at the ambulance service all DECIDED to open their own ambulance service.  Had they not had the courage to make the decision, the service would never have existed.  

In order to accumulate wealth we have to make definite decisions to take definite action. Hill tells us that all the wealthy people he studied were decisive people. 'Going with the flow' is not a workable strategy for wealth accumulation.  Success seems to come to those who know what they want in life, and DECIDE to get it. 

The point, as I see it, is to be decisive.  Someone once told me: 

1) Make a decision and stick with your decision for as long as possible.  
2) If that decision does not work out, make another decision, and then stick with that decision.   
3) But, you have to decide and stick with your decisions   

Sitting on the proverbial fence is a very poor success strategy. The natural outcome of this is that you will be swept away be every idea and opinion of others.  Sticking with a decision proves that you are decisive, and as Hill shows, passion and definite purpose is needed for success.      

Hill's suggestions for making good decisions

After reading the chapter, I have found the following suggestion presented by Hill to be meaningful to me:  

1. Develop the habit of reaching decisions quickly and definitely
2. Do enough research, and gain enough facts, to make an INFORMED DECISION.  

Hill tells us that "opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth", being influenced by opinions without doing the research to validate facts is dangerous. You have to base decisions on sound knowledge.   

3. Clear your decisions with your MASTERMIND ALLIANCE, but be very selective about who's input you listen too. 

You want to have the input of those who were successful at similar goals as the ones you are taking on.  You have to ask a pilot how to fly a plane. Similarly, you need the advice of the wealthy on how to become wealthy.  

4. Reach your own decision and follow them.
5. Be slow to change your mind; and change it only after very careful consideration.  

Do you have some additional tips on decision making? Please add them in the comment field below, we would like to hear from you.  


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