Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Think and Grow Rich through autosuggestion and positive self talk - part 5

Hi everyone, today's topic for my journey through Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich is self talk and self suggestion.

Self-suggestion or autosuggestion, as Napoleon Hill calls it, refers to an essentially human ability to influence our subconscious minds through the use of focused thoughts and imagination.

We know that human inventions and creations in the physical world first has to 'live' in the mind before it can exist in physical reality.  In chapter 5 of Think and Grow Rich, Hill explains how we can use autosuggestion (self-suggestion) to reprogram our minds so that our minds become susceptible to creativity, innovation and wealth.  

In order to succeed in life and business, you have to cultivate a mentality that allows you to produce the actual outcome you are aiming for.

A negative mindset with negative attitudes will surely not help you in your quest.  Success seems to come to those who are able to persist towards a goal and who lives with a mindset of faith and positivity.

Unfortunately, developing a negative mindset usually happens automatically, much like catching a cold. If you are anything like me you have to work hard at building and maintaining a positive mindset.  

I am willing to bet that most of the successful entrepreneurs out there are success minded people. They usually EXPECT to achieve their goals and they BELIEVE that their goals are attainable.

Their beliefs are reflected in their discussions, ideas, and how they live life.  In my experience you don't often find successful entrepreneurs talking negatively, no matter how difficult it goes. They may be negative from time to time (they are also human), but in general they have disciplined their minds to be positive, to see opportunities, and avoid negativity.

According to Hill positivity must start in our inner conversations.  Perhaps my greatest challenge presented by Think and Grow Rich is to develop the success mindset Hill speaks about.  I am sure this is also a challenge for many people.

Moving on to Self-suggestion. Self-suggestion is Hill's method he recommends to build such a positive mentality we need for success. Self-suggestion involves verbal affirmations, imagination and the setting of definite goals.

This process is said to work most effectively if you paint a clear picture of your major life goals, in your mind, and then infuse such mental pictures with positive emotions.

This necessitates the following:
  1. Inner and verbal repetition of statements describing your major life goals
  2. Combining your inner affirmation with emotion and imagination. 
  3. Repeating the inner mental affirmations until a mindset of FAITH is present. That is until you really believe you will attain your goal.   
Read the following two statements and decide for yourself which statement has the power to actually motivate someone to take action:

Statement 1: I am going to make a lot of money from my business OR

Statement 2: In five years time, by the end of June, I will have made an amount of 1 Million from my business.  I will make this money by building the best possible business I am able to build.  I can already see the pleased faces of my many clients and I feel pleased about it ...

Napoleon Hill argues that continuous verbal repetition of statements, such as the second statement, is needed in order to sketch a clear picture of your life goal to your subconscious.  This creates a mental state that is conducive to the attainment of goals and subsequent success.  

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